Warren Whitely

"Character Is The New Currency"

As a qualified and accredited trainer since 2013, I'm a firm believer in training the body and not the ego. I'm here to change your perspective of what you thought you weren't physically capable of, one step at a time.


Exclusive Pound Shred Weighted Vest

Pre order your Built Strong X Pound Shred collab now to up your training game.


All pre orders are due to be sent out in 3 weeks.


Only 100 available!


The Built Strong Weighted Plate Carrier is designed to be the most lightweight and best-fitting plate carriers you can find on the market, built to ensure high performance while remaining lightweight and mobile.

  • Adjustable waist bands

  • 1kg vest accommodates Medium (6kg) or Large (9kg) plates

  • Enhanced freedom and comfort

  • Water resistant materials

  • Front Velcro column for patches, all vests come with Built Strong patch as standard

  • Made with British Steel

Total weight:

  • 10kg

  • 7kg


About Shred With Woz

Shred with Woz is more than just a workout, it's a worldwide community created by people from all different walks of life, who are fuelled by high intensity workouts, and brought together by the beauty of fitness.


Whats Available

Core Exercise

Pound Shred

Get the body you want for less than a pound a day from the comfort of your own home.

This unique online program was developed with everyone in mind. After the success of Quarantine Shred, which saw thousands of people working out simultaneously over the course of 30 days, in an online community we can now call family.

For as little as £7 a week or £15 a month which works out to as little as 48p a day, you too can be part of the shred community.

Challenge Begins 27/4/2020

*A portion of all pound shred proceeds will be donated to charity.

Cross Fit Class

Weights With Woz

Strength & Conditioning

A 30-40 Minute class targeting specific areas.

You pay whatever you feel the class is worth, its open to all no matter your budget. 

Weight Lifting

Personal Training

One to One

Whether you are looking for one to one sessions or remote online sessions i have got you covered.
Your goals are my priority, and together we will ensure you get as close to that as physically possible.


personalized Plans

6 week bespoke workout plans tailored to your specific goals.

You will receive:
Fitness consultation
Nutritional advice
Video demonstrations
Weekly check-ins
Access to exclusive online portal


Iv'e always trained on and off throughout my 20's but I fell of majorly for a few years. The past three months I have been training consistently with Woz and my body is really showing the results. Not only am I gaining physical strength, but I've gained mental strength too.

Tia Ward
Model and Content creator


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